Preparing Me

Today the humidity lifted. For about a minute.

I MIGHT have detected a slight coolness in the air in between the hot rain showers.

And then it was over and summer lives on.

But I refuse to despair. Because though my hair is still a fuzzy humid mess, I do declare a change is in the air!


Photo Credit: Rob Blair

In fact the season are truly changing for us.

I feel it coming, I sense it’s near. And in my life I feel an urgency to prepare for these changes. It’s an urgency in my heart that is manifesting in my work, in my schedule, in my self-care, in my relationships, and in my home. Yet distinctly the admonishing in my heart says, in all the preparing, don’t forget about Preparing Me.

Welcome to 31 Days of Preparing Me

I am again joining the annual 31 Days writing challenge to write through this season of preparation. I want to move forward the preparations in my life as our adoption draws near, my latest business venture launches and my personal life grows in health. This year it’s a double challenge! I am also challenging myself to do this in just 5 minutes of free writing a day.

I invite you to read (and write) along with me. I treasure your comments and encouragement and want to hear where you are at too. Let this be a month of forward making progress!


31 Days of Preparing Me

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It is pure joy to me knowing you are reading what I am writing. Thank you.

Intro: 31 Days of Preparing Me: in which I welcome you

Day 1: Move – Bringing Movement Back: in which we line ’em up and knock ’em down

Day 2: View – He’s Got This: in which I trust that I can see the forest for the trees

Day 3: New – Evening Before Morning: in which Old leaves before New comes

Day 4: Learn – The Lost Art of Troubleshooting: in which I show you How To…

Day 5: Stuck

Day 6: Know

Day 7: Go

Day 8: Say

Day 9: Join

Day 10: (It’s a Surprise!)

Day 11: Teach

Day 12: Rest

Day 13: Work

Day 14: Away

Day 15: Life

Day 16: Adjust

Day 17 (It’s a Surprise!)

Day 18: Taste

Day 19: Honor

Day 20: Fear

Day 21: Second

Day 22: (It’s a Surprise!)

Day 23: Look

Day 24 (It’s a Surprise!)

Day 25: Enjoy

Day 26: Visit

Day 27: Free

Day 28: Wake

Day 29: Unite

Day 30: First

Day 31: (It’s a Surprise!)


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    • Marissa, that is wonderful! Mom mentioned it after the reunion this summer but I never knew details. Our prayers and hopes are with you guys as you get closer. Please let us know how it goes as we have never walked this road before.


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