Our Family Adventure

The following post is more of a personal family update. I do not often do this on my blog, but feel the time is right to let you know what we’ve been up to. Thank you for being in our lives – we couldn’t do it without your love and support!

Growing Our Family

Courtney and I are so happy to share with you the adventure the Lord has placed before us as a family. As we celebrated six years of marriage this year, we began to feel strongly about pursuing international adoption. We both have a background in missions and a love for the people of other cultures. In exploring this option, its as if this adoption has been quietly in both of our hearts all along. We feel the time is now right.

14_Justin James Wright_Fineartphotgraphy_Philippines_Manila_Asia

Over the past several months we’ve researched the process and talked to others who have walked this road before us. Now with the blessing of our families and pastors, we are now joyfully on the road to adopting a sibling group from the Philippines.

We are excited to share this process with you, our friends and families. We know there is a long road before us and we desire a community of people on our side the whole way.

Our Filipino Kiddos

It is our desire to adopt from the Philippines. Not only has Courtney lived there in the past, but we both have a strong love for the Filipino culture and people. With over 1.8 million orphans, there is also a great need .

If one is good, two is better!

It was quickly apparent that we would love to bring home more than one at the same time. So our plan is to adopt a group of two siblings. What a wonderful gift for them to have a brother or sister stay by their side the whole way and be able to grow up together.

Boys or Girls?

We have not yet been matched, but we are open to any combination of boys and girls. We are trusting the Lord to put our family together just as it needs to be.

God sets the lonely in families
Psalm 68:6

I am touched when I consider that somewhere in a nation of over 7000 islands there are two children, who need us to be their parents. We feel strongly that this adoption is part of our “family mission.”

03027_Justin James Wright_Philippines_Manila_Fine Art Photography

03032_Justin Wright_Bakun_Philippines

Prayers of a future parent

Even now, early in this process, I pray daily that our children are being fed and cared for, shown affection and attention, being taught, loved and protected. And that their little hearts are being prepared to come join our family here in Jacksonville.

Recently I ran across Psalm 68:6 which states, “God sets the lonely in families…” This resonates with me deeply. In fact it sums up our passion for this adoption and the hope for our family.

And there is more to come as our adventure unfolds…

Recently we were advised to ask our friends and family if anyone would like to help us with these expenses. If that sounds like you, we would be so blessed by your kindness. This is a large financial commitment for us, which is why we are reaching out to others who might also see this adoption as a mission.

Photo Credit: This amazing photography is by Justin James Wright.

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  1. Am so excited for you …since God has placed this in your hearts, He is preparing the children just for you both. He will make all the paths straight & all will be provided for. He is a great God!!!


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