About Karena

The Decades

A Recent History of Me

My twenties were filled with learning, travel, joy, trial and error and pain. I switched directions so very often, but in the end, it was well with me. I learned who I was, how I was wired, how I was NOT wired, and I saw the beginnings of the vision of who I was becoming.

In my thirties life become more established. I married a man, strong and stable. Together we built a home and settled down. In that season I started my own company and poured my heart into it. When then when the time was right, we welcomed two children home, adopted from afar.

Now in my forties, its a season for growing. We raise our family. We work hard. We build the business and grow a life. In this season my heart is stirring to pour out the thoughts and wisdom (if it is such) that has been nurtured in me over the decades.


I've lived a clumsy life.
Bumping along the ground yet always looking to the sky.

Under an Open Sky is an exercise in finding my voice and speaking to you.

Here is where I invite you to explore with me the living, abiding Presence. The presence of God can be known, and should be known in the in and out moments of our every day living.

I believe we are capable of much deeper living than we currently experience. And we are called to fight the Resistance that blocks this reality. Here you will find observations and commentary along with some inspiration and lessons learned.

I invite you to journey with me and learn to live this deep life, under a clear and open sky.