Bringing Movement Back

Years ago I learned that a lion tamer holds a stool in his hand and points it at the lion for the sole purpose of splitting the beast’s focus. With the four legs of the stool pointing in his face, the lion is unsure what to attack first. So, while standing there in indecision, he attacks nothing.

Too many choices force no choice at all – no movement.

I feel I’m moving through slow motion mud in trying to push the initiatives in my home and my business forward lately. But I think the slow movement has been a result of a breakdown of focus.

It’s the danger in the myth of multi-tasking.

We can only do one thing at a time. “Multi-taskers” simply have the skill to switch between those things faster, but in the end, each moment of our lives can only be filled with one thing.

Line ’em up. Knock ’em down.

While I most want forward movement in my life, a short analysis reveals there are too many things that are screaming for attention at the same time of late. That’s why I’m a list maker. Movement and flow is achieved for me when I “line ’em up, knock ’em down.”

So today, let’s move.

Let’s line up the important things, give them a priority number and start whacking the heck out of our to-do list. The deep satisfaction at the end of the day knowing we spent our time wisely and intentionally will propel us forward. Let’s bring movement back.


Photo by Jack Cain on Unsplash


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1 thought on “Bringing Movement Back”

  1. I like the idea of “Line ‘em up. Knock ‘em down.”
    That is what I am doing this month, 31 minutes each day spent on a to-do item (from a secondary list). I want to get these things done so my focus isn’t so scattered.

    Hurray for the adoption process being closer to an end, for your business venture going forth and your health improving. That’s a lot of preparation.

    I hope your 31 days goes well, you learn something, and make some new friends.


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