Five Minute Friday

Becoming Enough

April 6, 2017 8

She told me that the psychological panic a 2 year old has over having to use the “wrong” sippy cup is equal to the panic I would feel if I couldn’t pay the mortgage. The scope of the problem within the capacity of our individual worlds is proportionately the same, though a clear-headed intellectual comparison … Read more

Tree: Surprises in My Own Town

November 15, 2013 3

I’ve lived here most my life and never once heard of it. It wasn’t until my new boyfriend, future husband (tree enthusiast) brought it up did I learn about the massively large tree in the center of the Jacksonville’s heart and the myth built up around it. It was said to be the place treaty’s … Read more


October 24, 2013 3

Today I write for Five Minute Friday. This is my favorite annual live version here at Allume. One word for inspiration, here is what I am wrote. Enjoy! Together Altogether, now in our home. We work as one, me in my office, you in the projects of the home, not always succeeding. It was declared … Read more

How One Word Made Them Cry

April 30, 2013 2

“Well, I brought half of the group to tears.” I summed up the recent In Real Life meetup this past weekend to my husband on Saturday evening. Before it began I wasn’t sure what the event included. (I was a newbie myself.) I didn’t know how to explain it to those coming. I didn’t know … Read more

Learning to Sit With It

November 16, 2012 7

Today I join the Five Minute Friday crew in a virtual “writing lab” of sorts.  Each week a single topic is presented and we write for five minutes straight. Simply that. Here is today’s entry. Stay I’ve written before of the power of rhythm in life. My life has had the rhythm of restlessness. In … Read more