Becoming Enough

She told me that the psychological panic a 2 year old has over having to use the “wrong” sippy cup is equal to the panic I would feel if I couldn’t pay the mortgage. The scope of the problem within the capacity of our individual worlds is proportionately the same, though a clear-headed intellectual comparison of the two would not even have them in the same room.

Just so, each phase of my life opens up before me with a wide-eyed, holy-cow-I-will-never-be-enough-for-this panic. I double down. I push forward, head down, refusing to be defeated, refusing to give up. And slowly in my mental insistence it becomes obvious and true. I am not enough. I cannot.

The survival of growing pains that each season in life has brought me inevitably happens only when my hands drop down, my shoulders relax and I lean into greater resource then what I have. Like a branch sucking up the juice from the vine, there is one who is more, even when I am not. And so then I too become, enough.


Today I join the Five Minute Friday crew in a virtual “writing lab” of sorts.  Each week a single topic is presented and we write for five minutes straight. Simply that. This is today’s entry.

Photo Credit: Rob Blair

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8 thoughts on “Becoming Enough”

  1. Karena,
    delightful and SO relatable! My girls are turning 8, 6, and 10 this spring/summer, but the frustrations of my toddlers are still easy to recall.
    As a reforming “control” addict, I am seeing how God has used my children to wrestle my hands off His plans for my life. To remind me that He is in control when I cannot be.
    🙂 Thank you for sharing.
    (#5 on the linkup tonight)

  2. Your pictures drew my interest in the link up. I love the first paragraph as I work with two year olds! I will use that story with parents to help them empathize with their toddlers!


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