Learning to Sit With It

Today I join the Five Minute Friday crew in a virtual “writing lab” of sorts.  Each week a single topic is presented and we write for five minutes straight. Simply that. Here is today’s entry.

Petites et grandes broussailles... jolies couleurs... marais d'automne...!!!


I’ve written before of the power of rhythm in life.

My life has had the rhythm of restlessness.

In my childhood, we move frequently. By the end of high school I had attended 10 different schools. In my twenties I continued this pattern of frequent direction change. On average, every 2 years I move cites or took a new job or a new school or a new career direction. Every. Two. Years.

This began to concern me as I rolled into my third decade of life.

I chose marriage.
(Would I be able to stick with it for more than 2 years?)

We bought a house.
(Will we be satisfied long enough here to see a return on investment?)

I started a business.
(Would I be focused long enough to build it off the ground level?)

So now, I learn the power of “Stay.”

Stick with it. See it thorough. Corral my restlessness and choose stability. Dig deep and learn to sit with. Learn to be still.

And is so doing, learn the art of contentment.


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7 thoughts on “Learning to Sit With It”

  1. As someone who lived in the same house from 2 – 21, my start was different from yours, but still there is that struggle for contentment and to stay in whatever season God has me in!! 🙂
    visiting from 5MF

    • Julie Anne, I envy people like you with deep roots. I used to be so jealous of people who graduated with people they knew since kindergarten. But I have to say I am also grateful for my wide and varied experiences and exposure. It has truly filled my life with new perspective and vision. However, this restlessness is a nasty side effect to be managed!

  2. OH, this is really good! I moved around too, I beat you out in the school category- 14 schools between kinder and graduation! I wondered too whether or not my entire life would be spent in change. 12 years into my marriage after two kiddos, we finally found a sticking point and this is where we’ve stayed- 28 years and counting. It’s nice to be in one place to have a comfort zone after all the changes. Write more please?

  3. I went to 5 different elementary schools, and 3 different middle schools. Thankfully I was able to attend 1 high school the whole way through.
    I wondered the same thing with marriage. I have been married 7 years now, and although it is not always easy I will stick with it!

  4. The power of “stay” is undeniable. I pray God continues to give you the wisdom to know when to stay and when to move along. Thank you for the visit today! (Love the Shout To You song post that was prior to this, too!)

  5. Excellent first FMF! I’ve moved a lot since I’ve been married, averaging about every three years. I wonder too about some of those things that require long term staying and if I have it in me to see it through. Perseverance is a toughie for me. I like how you called it the POWER to stay.


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