Five Minute Friday

Today I write for Five Minute Friday. This is my favorite annual live version here at Allume. One word for inspiration, here is what I am wrote. Enjoy!


Altogether, now in our home. We work as one, me in my office, you in the projects of the home, not always succeeding. It was declared that we were one and now we are together. And together we will stay, for all time. So we work on that oneness and that togetherness thing. I learn to give grace to having you in my space. Interrupting? Maybe connecting would be a better word. Demanding? Maybe a call to give would be my role. I love being together with you, heart to heart and chest to chest. Laying here. I want to be together with you one in spirit and in life. I want to do life together and see that for the blessing. I need eyes to see our new found togetherness as love and joy and life and blessing. I need heart to love the togetherness with you.


Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash


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It is pure joy to me knowing you are reading what I am writing. Thank you.


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