Tree: Surprises in My Own Town

I’ve lived here most my life and never once heard of it. It wasn’t until my new boyfriend, future husband (tree enthusiast) brought it up did I learn about the massively large tree in the center of the Jacksonville’s heart and the myth built up around it. It was said to be the place treaty’s were signed with the area’s Indian tribes. (Turns out this was not true, but rather a story made up in an effort to save the tree years ago.)


But the mystic around such an old, such a large iconic live oak tree was very real. Live oaks in their own right blow me away. Hubby calls them native Florida while ranting about the infestation of trashy pine trees that dominate the landscape, the result of tree farming for paper products over the years. But real Florida, native Florida, is in the live oaks.

Treaty Oak carries the promise of years past and years to come. Last week we read an expert’s article estimating that Treaty Oak will probably live for another 100 years. It’s before me, and will remain after me. The city has grown all around it and yet it stands so solid and silent. We take our visitor guests to see it. “You’ve got to see this tree! It will blow your mind!” It does my heart good, driving by, to know it is still there. It’s the promise of the continuity of time, wisdom and stability.





Today I join the Five Minute Friday crew in a virtual “writing lab” of sorts.  Each week a single topic is presented and we write for five minutes straight. Simply that. This is today’s entry.

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3 thoughts on “Tree: Surprises in My Own Town”

  1. Karena, I am stopping by from FMF! I really liked your posting and your photos. You captured some amazing trees — each with their own story.

    Fascinating about the one in Florida. Thanks. Patti

  2. Oh my goodness, that tree is glorious. I am crazy about oaks and loved reading the history of this one. This line especially rang so true for me and the way I feel about the giant barked beauties (all the way across the country – in Oregon): “It’s the promise of the continuity of time, wisdom and stability.” So grounding, isn’t it, to be reminded of that which was before us and will go on after we are gone? Happy to have met you through FMF this morning. Blessings to you, Karena.

  3. WOW! That is an awesome tree! There is a really old tree here in St. Augustine that is beautiful but it’s also right behind a howard johnsons so it’s kind of in an odd spot. I have seen people take wedding photos there 🙂


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