The Day our Plumber Went to Jail

October 4, 2013 0

You can’t plan for this stuff, folks! And believe me, I’m a planner. After 9 months of planning, it was time to “birth” a new kitchen. It was labor time. We checked the budget, ordered cabinets, hired subs, sweet talked Daddy, and took time off work.  We were ready to demolish the old and bring … Read more

Swirl With It

October 2, 2013 1

{ photo credit } Swirl might be a good theme for my year. The best laid plans, and all that. Life is big, its grand, with too many moving parts to grasp in my hands. I imagine myself a conductor over my own life. Directing, determining, controlling. It’s my illusion. Truth is, I’m a tumbleweed flopping, … Read more

Mourning the Invisible (or Fantasizing about Stealing Your Children)

October 1, 2013 11

** Sorry for the dramatic title. I’ve been told by certain sisters of mine that I’m a dramatic person. I don’t think it was meant as a compliment. ** Well, we might as well start with the elephant in the room. (The elephant in my head, at least.) This year saw a moment of great joy … Read more

31 Days of Glancing Back and Leaning Forward

September 30, 2013 9

A year ago I sat in Applebees with dear friends and accidentally agreed to start this blog that very week. Happily, I did. I was snookered into taking the secret vision in my heart and bringing it into the light of day, unprepared, inexperienced and squinting in the sun. And now here it is, one … Read more

Summertime and Dreams

July 11, 2013 0

Ahh… Summertime. Do you feel that way? Is your summer all watermelon and sandy toes?  I hope so. Or is your summer a chaotic blur of travel, work and busyness? Mine has been the latter. And I am craving a break from it all to soak in the freshness and peace of the season before … Read more

For When Your Sprint Turns Into a Marathon

June 12, 2013 0

Traditionally I’m a push through till it’s done girl. Work hard and long and focused and deal with the fallout once it’s over. Heads down mode, I like to call it. But what happens when a hard fast push doesn’t move quickly to breakthrough and every time you peek up you notice the finish line … Read more

How One Word Made Them Cry

April 30, 2013 2

“Well, I brought half of the group to tears.” I summed up the recent In Real Life meetup this past weekend to my husband on Saturday evening. Before it began I wasn’t sure what the event included. (I was a newbie myself.) I didn’t know how to explain it to those coming. I didn’t know … Read more

You Surprise Me

March 16, 2013 3

***There is a special invitation below. Make sure to scroll down to read it. But first, I express my thanks.*** This spring, I celebrate community. It is the theme that has been re-occurring in me, around me and dare I say, even through me.  All I’ve come to expect from life lived in relation to … Read more

When You Need to Hide

March 11, 2013 31

I have been absent from sharing with you. These past 3 months have been marked by great joy and now recently with great sadness and pain. And now I feel sucker punched, empty and trying to find my footing again. In January, we learned we were expecting.  After so long, it was actually true and … Read more

I’m the Woman in His Corner

February 6, 2013 18

I first heard of Kathi Lipp while attending Allume last fall.  Her witty, straightforward, “I am who I am” style immediately won my affection.  So I was thrilled to be asked to read and write a review for her new book Praying God’s Word for Your Husband. Without further delay… (drum roll) … here is … Read more