Swirl With It

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Swirl might be a good theme for my year.

The best laid plans, and all that. Life is big, its grand, with too many moving parts to grasp in my hands. I imagine myself a conductor over my own life. Directing, determining, controlling. It’s my illusion.

Truth is, I’m a tumbleweed flopping, bouncing and, well, tumbling along without the benefit of roots holding my will firm in the face of uncontrollable forces which surround.

Nope, the secret this year whispers is, “shh, you are not in control.”

Things just go better when I let go, swirl with it. It’s exhausting to lock horns in defiance all the time. Head to head with all I meet – challenging, defying, angrily controlling.

Kicking the goads.

But oh, how fun it is to tumble and roll, captured and carried up and in with another, whose heart towards me is good.

A lesson hard learned.

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