Summertime and Dreams

Ahh… Summertime.

Do you feel that way? Is your summer all watermelon and sandy toes?  I hope so.

Or is your summer a chaotic blur of travel, work and busyness?

Mine has been the latter. And I am craving a break from it all to soak in the freshness and peace of the season before we wave good-bye to blue skies and hello to fall.

That is why I’m hosting a meeting and inviting you, my friends, to join me.  In the spring, I had about a dozen women, of all ages and backgrounds, many who did not know each other, in my home to meet, share and connect over the topic of community.  It was a refreshing and wonderful time.  So much so that I’ve been encouraged to do it again.


The topic widely on my heart for our time together is that of Dreams.

Do you dream? Are there dreams buried within you? What does it look like to pull those dreams out and begin walking into them – in real life?

I’ve been contemplating what it means that the Lord is the giver of dreams and the creator of visions realized. How do we work alongside His guiding hands to bring about the life intended for us from His heart?

So we’ve decided to host a mid summer luncheon as a refreshing escape for you. Together we’ll take a few hours “mini-vaca” to meet new and old friends, have a fabulous “girlie” lunch, and share conversation around the visions in our souls.

Won’t you join me? I’d be honored if you would.

Saturday, July 27th from noon till around 2 pm. If you can, consider bringing a dish for our lunch.  You can find details and please RSVP on Facebook here:

And yes, invite your friends!! I’ll have a cup of sweet tea waiting.

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