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I first heard of Kathi Lipp while attending Allume last fall.  Her witty, straightforward, “I am who I am” style immediately won my affection.  So I was thrilled to be asked to read and write a review for her new book Praying God’s Word for Your Husband.


Without further delay… (drum roll) … here is my very first book review AND my first blog giveaway!

(Keep reading to win your copy of the book!)

In this book Kathi breaks down some of the practical ways she has chosen to support her husband throughout the day in prayer. She warmly weaves stories and examples along with scriptures and prayers, each chapter focused on another topic of attention. I found myself even skipping around to favorite topics, using it as a reference book of sorts.

Kathi’s writing style is inviting and easy to read. This is not a stuffy Bible scholar book that you have to dig your way through, but rather a witty and practical journey full of thoughtful and helpful scripture and prayer.  A real pleasure to read!

The first time I realized the deep importance of praying for my husband was actually when we were dating. After working a particularly hard shift in the Emergency Room, he called me before he went to sleep and I could tell something was wrong. He shared with me the sad stories of several victims brought in to the ER during the night. The crime and the injuries were an outrage!

Where my husband normally held an objectivity about what he sees in the hospital ER and ICU floors everyday, this night was different. It was getting to him. He was worn down by what he’d seen and the knowledge of the probable outcome for these patients. My heart went out to these people that I did not even know. And my heart went out to him, so up-close in the situation his white shoes were stained with blood. And it hit me hard, like a wake up call. I should be covering him in prayer! In his work, at the hospital, as he interacts with patients, doctors, families and staff, for his safety, for his health, for his wisdom and decision making, and in his favor, he needed my prayer. I was to be his wife, his help, his love, the one most “in his corner.”  If I was not to cover him in pray, then who?

And there have been countless times since then when I’ve been reminded of this lesson and prompted to prayer on his behalf. In this book Kathi artfully brings out some of the less than obvious ways we as wives should be “on alert” for the man we are honored to sleep next to. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and intend to keep it around as a quick reference for specific scriptures to pray.

When does he need prayer?

Kathi highlights several topics:

  • When he is overwhelmed
  • Employment
  • Work issues
  • When he feels inadequate
  • His finances
  • His health and safety
  • His relationship with God
  • When he is overcome with worry
  • His past mistakes
  • Understanding God’s plan for his life and dreams
  • His relationships with others
  • His relationships with you
  • His parenting
  • His mind

What topic strikes you as most needed to cover the man in your life?

Have you been prompted to pray for your hubby in this way? Leave a comment below and let me know.  And TWO comments will be chosen at random to receive a FREE copy of Praying God’s Word for Your Husband.  (Make sure to share this with your girlfriends too!)

PS Hey guys, you can enter too!  Leave a comment below to win.  Use the scriptures as guidance in your own prayers or, better yet, give it to your wife as a “not so subtle” request for her support!  Give her the tools to love you at a whole new level!

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18 thoughts on “I’m the Woman in His Corner”

  1. This sounds like a great book! Several of the topics I pray for regularly, especially areas like being overwhelmed and work issues because you can’t fix things and it’s only God that is going to move in the situation and give peace to my husband’s heart. Great post and reminder! 🙂

  2. I find myself often praying for my husband to be led by the Holy Spirit concerning leading our family. One of the most important roles he plays is in the life of our children. I know when I cover him in this area that it’s an investment into our future generations.

    • What a great perspective. I find often guys want to take that role of leadership but hesitate in feeling capable, prepared and able. We can “invite” them into that role with the respect and support we show.

  3. My prayers for my husband are for guidance & wisdom and to be led by Holy Spirit in all that he experiences as well as for health and strength.

  4. I pray for my husband when he feels overwhelmed. I pray specifically that the lord removes those thoughts that I have seen paralyze him for being the man of God I know he can be.

  5. Somehow you manage to cover all of the territory Katharine. You just never cease to amaze me. While you have so many thoughts and share them generously with others, you also manage to juggle so many other areas of life with such a peaceful and graceful approach.

  6. My hubby is always (mentally) beat by the end of a day so I use the time til I fall asleep to run/scratch his back and pray for him for a renewed mind, good health, and an ever open heart to The Lord and his directions. I also include daddy in bedtime prayers especially in regards to wisdom because his position requires so many creative solutions and addressing people the correct way. I want my daughter to see praying for her hubby modeled now.

  7. so lets say a husband buys this book and gives it as a valentines day gift, is this selfish of the husband, because ultimately it will benefit him?
    is this one of those “don’t buy a woman a vacuum cleaner for her birthday situations”?

  8. Does this book have example prayers like Stormie Omartian’s The Power of a Praying Wife? I’ve used her book for several years. I’m learning there’s a lot of power in speaking the Word of God over my husband, speaking blessings over him – life and death are in the power of the tongue.
    I pray for my husband to hunger and thirst for righteousness, to love God with all his heart – I believe when we seek God FIRST, all the other things will come into place!

    • Wil – Yes it does have prayers throughout for each topic. They are shorter and more snapshot than the ones in Stormie’s book but they are a great jumping off point to start your own prayers!

  9. I love the thoughtm that I am the woman in his corner. That I dont have to do everything, just be in his corner praying and rooting him on.

  10. Thank you for everyone who participated in this week’s giveaway. I love hearing how so many women are seeking to love their husbands through prayer. The winners (as chosen by random.org) are Jessica Soto and Melody Alt! Congratulations ladies! Enjoy your books.


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