There’s a Hammock in My Living Room

Yup. It doesn’t belong here but there it sits, taking up a half of the living room.

After a year and a half of working hard to turn our house into a home, our back yard was actually presentable, beautiful, even inviting. My Man decided, we needed a hammock! It’s the single piece of lawn furniture that universally symbolizes done-ness, completeness, and rest. One quick Groupon purchase later and we’re the proud owners of a colorful, striped, cozy hammock and stand.

Baby, It’s Hot Outside

One problem. This is July in Florida and it’s hot. Really hot. We’re daily pushing 100 degrees with 100% humidity. Blah. Needless to say, our back porch resembles a greenhouse more than an oasis. It’s oven-level hot out there!

So no one wants to sit in our brand new, beautiful hammock on the back porch.

No one.

Instead, the hammock is now living in our living room, awaiting cooler weather.

Hammocks don’t belong in living rooms.

But I’m starting to think that this one does. I find myself spending my evenings happily suspended in midair, watching a little TV, reading a good book, or taking short a nap. I’ve even been know to sneak my laptop into the hammock and get some work done. During the day, if I’m stuck on a programming dilemma or talking at length with a client, I wander into the living room and chill out on my hammock.

It’s my thinking place. It’s my resting place. It’s quickly becoming my favorite place.

So with Fall upon us, I cannot say if it will ever make it outside or not.

Sometimes when things are out of place, they find new purpose – even greater than intended.

What is in place in your life that is not where it belongs?

Maybe it’s still where it should be. Don’t be too hasty to correct the “mistake”.

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2 thoughts on “There’s a Hammock in My Living Room”

  1. Hey KK !
    I looooooooved reading about your hammock ! I don’t know why but as I was reading, it made me feel comfortable … Anyway, there are so many things that are out of place in my house that I wouldn’t know where to begin but one day, I would love to have a hammock in my living room too ^_^ It doesn’t scream messy but homey !!!


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