I Won’t Be Overwhelmed

Well, we’re wrapping up January and this month, this first month of a new and hopeful year, has slipped through my fingers like water. Life moves at a rapid pace, moving, moving, always moving. But I pause today to say, I am hopeful. I am content.

Of recent this song has been in my soul, in my heart. I awake in the morning, realizing I have been singing in my dreams.

(Please watch the video before reading further – it will make more sense!)

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“God I look to you, I won’t be overwhelmed.”

I wash dishes and sing aloud to my sweet little birds – it is their joy to sing back. I sit down to work, realize the workload is still on me, over me, drowning me.

“Give me vision to see things like you do.”

It is an art to lift my eyes up. An art I have not yet perfected, but one I am practicing. Eyes up and open. I frequently find myself breathing a prayer, “God, I look to you.”

In my mind’s eye I actually picture Him in front of me and I look at Him. (Don’t ask what He looks like in my mind. It’s more of a presence, a vague image that has grown in my mind over the years as we have communed together. It’s intimately personal yet concrete.)

“God I look to you. You’re where my help comes from.
Give me wisdom. You know just what to do.”

Wise knowing. Born from the direction of my vision. In the middle of my day, I step outside for a 2 minute break and physically look up. Above the treetops and the neighbors rooflines, I look up. Up to the sky and to where my help comes from.

This year promises to be full and “a lot”. But I won’t be overwhelmed. I am content. And I know just what to do.


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This is what this song shouts at me.
And does it speak to you?

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