Grieving Tonight and Ignoring the Stupidity

The news of the day has left me speechless. I first learned of the tragedy on Facebook and I’ve spent the rest of the day growing more and more annoyed by what I read, heard and watched. As people finished sharing facts, they moved into opinion, speculation, emotion, exaggeration, blame and beyond. I have chosen not to add to the social media clamor as I don’t know what else needs to be said.

But tonight I read Rachel Held Evans blog and she says it better than I could. Here is her thoughts on grieving together and I appreciate the perspective. Without it, in my own grieving, I’d be blasting every stupid comment and agenda laden statement out there.

So let’s grieve together. And let’s give one another the space to be shocked, to be pissed, to appeal to God, to be angry with God, to find peace in God, to question God, to want to take action, to want to wait, to blame, to pray, to be afraid, to be speechless, to vent, to lament, to speak up, to be silent, to pull our families close to us, to need some time alone. Let’s not tell each other how to grieve. Let’s just grieve.

You can read the whole post here.

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