Your Presence is Heaven to Me

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It’s almost the end of October. I’m sitting here with eyes closed, finger’s hovering over the keyboard, asking, “What should I be writing today? How shall I close this series?” But there is only one phrase in my mind.

Your presence is heaven to me.

Umm, what? That is not a blog post.

Yet, somehow, it’s all I have for you today.

In 2010 when I began my web design business the name Open Sky was dropped strongly in my heart. That picture, that meaning has since taken strong root in me. From it Open Sky Web Studio was born and in 2012, this blog began as Under an Open Sky. Soon coming, the vision of Open Sky Life is taking form now.

I don’t use this phrase to be cutesy or with some clever branding objective, I simply cannot get away from it. In fact I even wrote it right into my business plan, explaining the name choice for the web studio:

Open skies speak of a connection with heaven that is without hindrance. When standing under open skies the flow of wisdom, intimacy and love is unbroken.

To live under an open sky is to live in the abiding presence of heaven.

I’m bubbling with that thought today. I’m running out of words for what I’m trying to say. So here it is in song form.

As I wrap up this month long series of Glancing Back and Leaning Forward, I feel like I’m approaching a new beginning more than concluding an ending. In the weeks to come, I want to unpack this open sky image with you and the tangibility of Presence in our lives.

Does this resonate with you? If so, please let me know.

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It is pure joy to me knowing you are reading what I am writing. Thank you.


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  1. And she did it again!!! Good one. And this is one of my favorite songs from this album. I never really thought much of your blog’s name so thank you for your insight. I totally want to live under an open sky and feel God’s presence always. I’ll keep on advertising my great friend KK’s blog. Victoire has been reading and says she likes it!


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