Speak to the Chaos

Speak to the chaos. Tell it what to do, what to become.

Let your voice be heard. Let your words create. This is your creative right.

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As the Presence hovered over the void without form and the Voice said, “You! Go be land. You! Go be water. And you right there, be day. And over there, you go be night.” So you create by dipping your brush into the inkwell of your own chaos.

The Presence is drawn to your chaos, your mess. It is not an issue of shame, an issue of sin, when it is brought to light and named. No, it is an opportunity for great potential to be birthed, for order to come out of disarray.

But the authority over this realm lies with you.

(You, the one with the power to name.)

And if chaos is allowed to persist, it is because it has been given permission to persist. Permission by ommision, passivity perhaps, but permission nonetheless. So stand up to your mess. Stand tall in the center of your life and tell disorder and chaos that it is time to calm down, come in order, under order, under authority.

For you are under authority from the great Presence, brooding over your life. And His authority flows down to you, through you. And if life is to be lived in alignment, then wavering, victim excuses are to fade. And right confidence, courage are to rise in view.

Take courage, my friend. Speak to it, and watch the formless begin to form.

My thoughts born from a message by John Kilpatrick entitled “Doublemindedness.”


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