Evening Before Morning


New is announced before it fully arrives

Like a butler standing in the doorway, introducing the latest addition to the party… But it takes a minute for Old to finish it’s pleasantries, bid farewell and go. During that moment New waits patiently for my full attention.

Put another way…

In the evening New is declared and I rejoice in the anticipation. But after that, it gets darker and Old lingers. In fact New arrives at midnight, at the turn of the new day, the darkest of all the hours.

The evidence of New’s arrival is not seen till morning.

It takes that long for Old to finish, give up and walk away.

And I release Old even before New is fully come. That is the darkness of the night. When I live in between the moment of New’s announcement and Old’s release, Trust is my flashlight.

The evening and the morning were the first day…

Photo Credit: Rob Blair


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