What I Saw Under Holiday Lights

Here are the thoughts from my journal which simmered in my heart during this Advent season, in all the coming, the going, the hearing and the seeing. This season has been thick with the seeing of things in others that I wish I could fix for them, alongside the things I celebrate. And in honest moments, its been dripping with the seeing in me of the things I wish were not there.

As our Christmas tree finally came down yesterday (nice and crispy!), I’m bidding that season farewell and sharing these final thoughts of surrender here with you.

I cannot help you.
I want to. To fix you.
To save you.
But I cannot.

You cannot help me.
I need you. I want
To lean hard on you.
But you cannot help.

Oh Lord, You are
Our only hope.
Our only light.
You alone can help us.
Help me. Help them.

Light, hope has come
And we are dwarfed by it.
Hope for the all
Hope for help
For joy, dare I say
Hope in a deep, deep hole.

Our only Light, Hope.

I cannot help and
Neither can you.
I only wish you and I
Behold the Light and
Drink deep of Hope.


Photo Credit: Denis Collette

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