Quotable Allume

I’m decompressing and regrouping from my weekend away at the Allume conference. It was a weekend to let the reservoir swirl full in me, pouring in instead of always flowing out.

Many have processed their experiences in writing. So, allow me to instead add my voice in nugget form.

I present, Quotable Allume.

Art is your birthright.
Emily P. Freeman

Why’s the fire alarm going off?
– Me, at 5 am when my roommate’s alarm won’t turn off.

Content is king. A life well lived is full of good content.
Logan Wolfram

Clarity is knowing what God wants you to do. Courage is knowing He will do it.
Bianca Juarez Olthoff

You don’t go to a football game to watch a huddle. You go to see the difference a huddle makes.
Amy Lynn Andrews

Art is you plus your resources, expressed and offered.
Erika Morrison

Art is your soul outside your body.
Erika Morrison

Your feelings don’t have intellect so you must bounce your feelings off the truth.
Anthony Evans, Jr.

Branding is simply this, a promise to people that you will be the same, wherever they find you.
Holley Gerth

We spotted you across the room. You look like a Kardashian!
– some random lady, said to my roommate

God will teach us what to say. He never said He’d tell us what to say.
Melanie Shankle

When I was a teenager, mom told me people did not watch me as much as I thought they did. Then I became a pastor’s wife and realized that yes, they did.
Jennie Allen

She didn’t have to be heard because she was already known.
Ann Voskamp

I think we might have married the same guy.
– My roommate when we realized we had way more in common than we originally thought.

Release yourself to the wilderness for a season to refind your instincts
– Erika Morrison

You will never have enough, until you believe you are enough.
Jeff Shinabarger

Once again, you rocked my world. Until next year…



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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!! Love the quotes! Keep blogging – I’m enjoying your writing. You have good stuff, whether short or long.


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