Progressing or Arriving

This morning allow me to share one, single thought for us to ponder together:

To prosper is to make steady progress in every area of your life.

Today I am prospering. Not because my “To Do” list is done. Not because of achievement or destination. I am prospering because I am keeping my feet moving. Clawing at the ground, barely with forward motion, but moving nonetheless. One day with a backward glance I will marvel at how far these small efforts will have taken me.

I’d love to chat a bit today. Does this resonate with you? What does steady progress vs. destination mean in your life?

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2 thoughts on “Progressing or Arriving”

  1. One thing I am not good about is writing down goals, but writing things down can be like a growth chart. We may not see our forward progress if we don’t. That could be just the thing to help us see the forward progress when we feel like we are just trying to keep or head above water.

  2. In these fast-paced, instant everything days, we tend to focus on the end result, the destination, accomplishments, and completely miss the beauty of the journey. We place less value on small progress when focused only on the leaps and bounds – expectations that we place on ourselves I think


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