Inspiration in the Night

Two years ago I lay in bed, eyes wide open and mind racing faster than I could keep up, trying not to wake up my husband, but unable to hold still for sheer excitement. Ever had a night like that? A night when inspiration is flowing and sleep is not!

Finally, I gave up and snuck into the office where I wrote as fast I could the complete outline for what is about to be birthed: Open Sky Life, Under an Open Sky. Welcome to my dream realized!

I have a passion.  A passion for a community of people hungry for more out of life. It’s a hunger down to the core: the core of our thoughts, our emotions, and our very will. It’s a hunger that can be fed or suppressed. And in the various seasons of my life I’ve done both. One thing I know for sure: what we do with that hunger affects everything. Everything.

Will you join me here at Open Sky Life?  Will you help me explore the core of who we are and who we are to be? Let’s ask the question together: How then shall we live? Not in theory, but in reality. Fads, trends and buzz “herd” us or “guilt” us into believing how we should live. But when the veil is pulled away, our lives are shallow, hollow. Our efforts fall short.  And we learn to hide.

Open Sky Life is a place to come out of the shadows. It’s a place to explore our lives. I don’t want to be just another voice with a blog – not just another opinion. But if there is truth and reality to be found for our everyday life – then let’s find it.

A few notes to get us started:

  1. I am a clearly a follower of Jesus Christ and I can’t apologize for this.  But since we are exploring the core of who we are, this relationship will be the foundation for much of my thoughts and I just wanted you to know that up front.  If this is not your foundation, please stick around anyway.  You might be surprised by what you hear.
  2. I want to explore life in all of its expressions, not just the “churchy stuff” (to quote Nacho Libre). We will discuss education, business, culture, healthy lifestyles, current events, relationships, faith, history, hobbies, passions and just about anything that I find interesting. After all, it is my blog!
  3. This will be super boring if you don’t engage with me  Comment, follow, subscribe, like, forward, link, post, tweet, or whatever you need to do to stay connected – cause this is only the beginning! I’m looking for a core of people willing to take this journey with me.  Will you?

Ok – let’s rock!

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