Glancing Back & Leaning Forward

3 Things I Learned from a 31 Day Challenge

October 31, 2013 1

{ photo credit } Have you ever surprised yourself? I think I just did. When I decided to take the 31 day challenge in the month of October to write each day, it was laughable. I truly thought I’d last about 4 days. And yet somehow more was said this month then was not said. … Read more

Your Presence is Heaven to Me

October 30, 2013 1

{ photo credit } It’s almost the end of October. I’m sitting here with eyes closed, finger’s hovering over the keyboard, asking, “What should I be writing today? How shall I close this series?” But there is only one phrase in my mind. Your presence is heaven to me. Umm, what? That is not a … Read more

Gems in My Pocket

October 29, 2013 2

I realized they didn’t know all the steps that have brought me here to where I am today. My traveling companions were people I’ve long known, but never much knew. As stories shared between us in the car lead from one to another, it slowly dawned on me that there were whole histories in our … Read more

Quotable Allume

October 28, 2013 2

I’m decompressing and regrouping from my weekend away at the Allume conference. It was a weekend to let the reservoir swirl full in me, pouring in instead of always flowing out. Many have processed their experiences in writing. So, allow me to instead add my voice in nugget form. I present, Quotable Allume. Art is … Read more

The Reservoir of the Deep, Deep

October 27, 2013 1

{¬†photo credit¬†} Today I ponder the image of the reservoir. It is a deep reserve where things pour in and do not flow out. Its dark with deep silence. The kind of silence from which clear thoughts are born. As I look up from the bottom I see the water rushing in. It runs down … Read more


October 24, 2013 3

Today I write for Five Minute Friday. This is my favorite annual live version here at Allume. One word for inspiration, here is what I am wrote. Enjoy! Together Altogether, now in our home. We work as one, me in my office, you in the projects of the home, not always succeeding. It was declared … Read more

The Girl on the Plane

October 22, 2013 5

It was a 6 am flight that I was not supposed to be on. I was tired and stuck in the middle seat of a completely booked flight. And she was tired, this obviously pregnant girl next to me, who at least had the window to lean against. Without so much as a word of … Read more

Let People Be

October 21, 2013 3

I’d like to caution the gentle use of the phrase, “You should…” “You should pursue that job. Even if it doesn’t express who you are, it pays better.” “You should not buy that car if you were smart with your money.” “You should wear these colors. These are the ones in style” “You should come … Read more

Speak to the Chaos

October 16, 2013 1

Speak to the chaos. Tell it what to do, what to become. Let your voice be heard. Let your words create. This is your creative right. { photo credit } As the Presence hovered over the void without form and the Voice said, “You! Go be land. You! Go be water. And you right there, … Read more

The Big Kitchen Reveal

October 15, 2013 2

Goodbye 1987! When we were hunting for a house, we had our little list of “non-negotiables” to keep our realtor on her toes. But as 6 months approached and we were feeling more and more like we just needed to pick something, some of those non-negotiables became, well, negotiable. One of those compromises was the … Read more